5 Growth Hacking tips to Boost your website’s Traffic

First of all, what is growth hacking?

Growth Hacking is a term used by startups these days. It basically means to expedite the growth. To find out means to do a years worth of work in months. To come up with strategies and tactics that put you ahead of your competition. It means, to believe in Smart work rather than Hard work.

A decade or so ago, businesses were bound by brick and mortar, 5 years was normal for a company to reach its growing stage. Internet has changes things dramatically. Startups launch and fail within their first year. And if you want to keep up with this fast paced dynamic environment, you have gotta HACK growth.

A lot of people confuse growth hacking with spamming and using black hat dodgy techniques. Well, spamming is easy and anybody can do it. Growth hacking requires using your brain and coming up with great marketing ideas.

Let’s discuss some of the best examples of growth hacking to boost your website’s traffic.


1- Automation

If you own a website, you have got to get social and use the social media to create awareness of your product/service/brand. Problem is, social media consumes time. It is a full time job. It takes hours to build strategies and post content and monitor results manually. You have gotta automate it.

Did you know you can use IFTTT for FREE and connect different social media tools to perform actions automatically? Check out this great way to automate your Twitter using Feedly and Buffer. You can also set up recipes on IFTTT to automatically post photos from your favorite instagram account to Twitter, or Facebook, Tumblr or… well the list goes on!

I also used IFTTT to get updates from Reddit. Reddit doesn’t provide an option to receive emails whenever there is a new post in any of your favorite subreddits. So I used IFTTT to search my favorite subreddit for certain keywords and send me email digests on weekly basis.

These are just few examples, automation can be really helpful if done right. I will be sharing more tips on automation in near future. Subscribe to my newsletter if you don’t want to miss out. And yes, I am also working on a Twitter Bot, that will let you automatically follow people strictly under Twitter’s API guidelines. It will also let you favorite tweets based on certain hashtags and a lot more. I will be giving it away for FREE to the first few subscribers.


2- Content Writing and Curation

Well, we have all heard the famous phrase ‘Content is King’. But who has the time to actually sit down and write hundreds of unique articles every month. You could either do that and hope to get successful in next 2 years OR, you could be creative. Use Buzzsumo to simply search for the most shared articles in your niche. If you pick 3 or 4 article that were shared on social media thousands of times, you can’t go wrong. Create your own copy, add some of your own experiences and just PUBLISH it!

Once you have published your article, that’s when the real work starts. What good is your article if doesn’t reach eyeballs. Head on over to Reddit, find the subreddit in your niche and post the link to your article. Be sure to post it at a time when most users are online.

Here is the fun part though, if you are new on Reddit and don’t have a lot of link/comment Karma, don’t worry. Just search for the term ‘Buy Reddit accounts with Karma’ on Google and buy an account from the results on the first page. You won’t believe how cheap they are selling for. I am not asking you to exploit Reddit or Spam it, it will just give you a head start and you will see tons of traffic posting links from an aged Reddit account with a lot of Karma.

3- Back linking and SEO

You DON’T need to hire a SEO expert to rank higher in the search engines. It’s amazingly simple. A backlink is worthy only when it has a lot of authority. Don’t let cookie cutter freelancers on Upwork and Elance waste your time and money, who will just post your website link to a bunch of different forums under brand new and fake profiles. INSTEAD, go to some of the most high authority websites, for example Tumblr. Create a profile and put a link to your website, and then the real work begins. Just go around and ‘Like’ hundreds of relevant posts. This will give you LINKS back to your profile, because every time you like a post, your profile appears in that user’s profile. Now, all of a sudden, just by spending 10-15 minutes of your time, you have a tumblr profile with a link to your website, and your tumblr profile has links to hundreds of other tumblr profiles, which means your profile has some authority and the backlink to your profile has some value now.

Same strategy can be followed for a number of different high authority blogs and forums. There are some forums that let you add people as friends, even better. You find the most popular profiles with hundreds of posts, and friend them, now all of a sudden, you have a forum profile that has 100 friends, that have thousands of posts, all the LINK JUICE, coming to your profile, and of course, your profile will have a link to your website.


4- Find the right Niche

Well, it has been said a thousand times, find a niche that you really are passionate about. It’s not possible that you don’t have a hobby. You don’t have to be ashamed of it. I have seen stoners promoting stuff in the ‘Cannabis’ niche and make shit loads of money through it. I personally love WordPress, WooCommerce and other social media productivity tools. I use these tools on a daily basis so it makes total sense for me to promote these products too.

One thing you need to do is go to adwords.google.com and use their keyword planner tool to get the search volume for your keywords. If you are thinking about getting into the ‘Soccer’ niche for example, then go ahead and search for ‘soccer products’ or ‘soccer products online’ or ‘soccer t shirts’ for example. The tick here is to see if you have a reasonable amount of search volume for these keywords and yet the competition should be low to medium. If you are just starting out, its highly recommended that you go for low or medium competition keywords with a reasonable amount of search volume. I will be writing more about it in the coming days, so stay tuned.


5- Affiliate Marketing

If you are active on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest and other social media platforms, you must share some of the most popular content, you must share trending content, you must share some useful information. Well, point is, if you are sharing other people’s stuff anyway, why don’t you partner with them and become their affiliates, so you might as well get some commissions out of your sharing efforts. There are high paying and authentic affiliate programs in almost every niche, just look out for them. If you want to receive information on some of the most profitable niche from around the internet, subscribe below and I will send you an email every week with tons of useful resources.



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